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Linda Milwaukie: She is a very respectable computer scientist of great reputation. She is known for excellence and integrity. Linda schooled in the prestigious Oxford University. During her stay in that school as a student, there were many Research and Development assignments that were undertook by her as a Team Leader. The outcome of many of those R&D assignments gave rise to many inventions by the University. She has worked in many Computer Services organizations in the United States of America, and also in the United Kingdom. She is an award winner from ORACLE, IBM and IBM computers. She is a regular contributor to many local and international journals on Information Technology.


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" Web 3.0 can be referred to as being intelligent as the above features gives users their desired result. It will be important to say that, technology may not have yet taken users to where they should be or desired. However, Web 3.0 has begun the journey. This was an era when quite a lot of static websites mushroomed. There were no interactive sessions between the user and the provider of the information. You are restricted to what you are fed with. If you like, call it the internet world. However, what is basically under consideration here is the applications that are in use.

"It is an era that gave empowerment to the user in familiarity with some terms that are being used. Such as Blog, Social Media etc. This version enabled the users, with just a click; you have your articles published. You do not need to be a technology savvy to be able to interact and make contributions. It was a period that Bloggers are able to discuss, at times real time, and at other times, not real time. These applications are called versions. This therefore takes us to different versions that are evolving. Web 2.0: This version ensured that the defect in web 1.0 was eliminated. Interactive session between consumer and provider was enabled.